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Upcoming Readings

9/25/18 Reading for Dubuque Days of Peace (Sinsinawa Mound - Sinsinawa, WI)
9/28/18 Arcadia Books (Spring Green, WI)
10/13/18 Boston Book Festival (Boston, MA)
10/18/18 Librarie D+Q (Montreal, QC)
10/22/18 Literati Bookstore (Ann Arbor, MI)
10/24/18 The Book Loft (Columbus, OH)
10/25/18 Seminary Co-op (Chicago, IL) with Casey Thayer
10/29/18 Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloomington, IL) with Dora Malech
10/30/18 Prairie Lights Bookstore (Iowa City, IA) with Dora Malech
10/31/18 Seminary Co-op (Chicago, IL), Interlocutor for Dora Malech
11/1/18 Edgewood College (Madison, WI) with Dora Malech
11/2/18 Boswell Books (Milwaukee, WI) with Dora Malech
11/6/18 Mager’s & Quinn Bookshop (Minneapolis, MN)
11/7/18 Loras College (Dubuque, IA)
11/9/18 UVA Arts Festival (Charlottesville, VA)
11/10/18 New Dominion Bookstore (Charlottesville, VA) with William Wylie
11/11/18 Politics and Prose Bookstore (Washington, DC) with Dora Malech
11/15/18 Labyrinth books (Princeton, NJ) with Dora Malech & Susan Stewart
11/18/18 Cordelia Street Cafe (New York, NY) with Dora Malech & Miller
1/18/19 East Bay Booksellers (Berkeley, CA) with Dora Malech
12/6/18 Pt. Reyes Books (Pt. Reyes, CA)
3/18/19 KGB Bar (New York, NY) with Dora Malech