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Electric Christmas Candles

Electric Christmas Candles


At some point there must have been one
too many housefires around Christmastime

maybe the tree went up in flames or maybe
they left a candle burning on the windowsill

then there were sirens seething through

the carols and ashes blowing over the snow


so someone invented the electric candle

marketing it as safer around children 

safer around eggnog but they were made

to resemble real candles down to the flame


-shaped bulbs that curved as if upon a wick

in a draft while the candlesticks were made


to look as if they were made of actual wax

right down to the dripping drops so that


it was as if they were always burning

even in summer when they were shut


away in a drawer that smelled of pinesap

wrapped up in their cords and the little glass


bulbs like a memory of flames like flames

you could have sworn you blew out

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